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With over 20 years experience under their belt – Glasser Boat Works has restored, repaired, and created custom modifications to fiberglass boats in Rockledge, Florida. To begin your next project contact Glasser Boat Works and let us bring your skiff back to life.

Glasser Boatworks Reviews

I’ve had work done a few times by him and will not go back. He is very capable of doing phenomenal work, when he wants to. Bring it there at your own risk. It is a roll of the dice. Also, be prepared for your agreed upon price to “fluctuate” upon pick up.

I was extremely excited to have literally found my 2001 HB 17.8 Whip and deliver it to Jonathan for a complete restoration, as my posts from close to 2 years ago will indicate. Sadly, I pulled my boat out of Glasser’s shop not too long after another forum member and had HB complete an amazing restoration. Jonathan is not a bad person, but at that time he simply got in over his head with respects to the business side of things and realistically estimating the time and cost required of this type of work. I chalked my bad experience to his business growing pains and I thought perhaps just an anomaly, but it seems like things have not improved. I will admit that the fit and finish of his cosmetic work is second to none, but that’s where it ended for me and certainly no excuse for the nonsense I also had to endure. My mistake was not realizing his limitations and contracting him to do more than he was capable and qualified to handle. That became very apparent as delays dragged on from weeks to months and cost over-runs went from hundreds to potentially thousands before I finally pulled the plug on the project with the boat at 80% complete. After close to 10 months, I became tired of the excuses & antics and I simply decided to complete the work myself. Jonathan can shot one heck of a non-skid and can certainly blend gel coat like few others can, but a complete Boatworks he is not. On the other hand… completing your skiff will be rewarding and very gratifying.


  • Fiberglass Repair
  • Boat Restoration
  • Custom Modification
  • Awlgrip Paint
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Powder Coating

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#TBT Florida Skiff Challenge - Team HB grinding it out! Who's ready for this year's Challenge?
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Congratulations to Matt Saunders! He'll be taking home a Simms Solarflex Hoody. We're about to launch the second giveaway of February tomorrow on our Instagram page so go give us a follow and be ready to enter! @hellsbayboatworks ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations to Matt Saunders! Hell be taking home a Simms Solarflex Hoody. Were about to launch the second giveaway of February tomorrow on our Instagram page so go give us a follow and be ready to enter! @hellsbayboatworks

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User Reviews

If U need a well built boat with quality construction, Glasser Boat Works is ur answer! The expertise and professional work is outstanding! Don’t hesitate to contact them and put ur order in today! You won’t regret any aspect of the boats construction!
Bonnie Bosmeny-Schumacher
Jonathan’s work is more like art! I have seen boats go in looking beat only to leave looking like it just rolled off the show room.
Charles Levi Jr.
Jon Glasser’s work is an art form. The craftsmanship he displayed on my 1998 Hell’s Bay Whipray was nothing short of amazing. Where others (HB) had shrugged their shoulders and left me hanging, Jon simply rolled up his sleeves and made it happen.
Larry Littrell